an uplifting, 5-minute text adventure

email feedback to gladlibsgame[at]

created during IGDA DC's #txtjam. 


What players say...

Indie Games Magazine Browser Pick: "heartwarming text adventure"

IGDA DC: "I was really touched by the message in Glad Libs, made for our recent #TXTJAM."

Player email: "It was simple, yet interesting. ... It made me feel kinda happy somehow."


Known bug:

If you're using a cookie-blocking tool or have your browser set to block cookies, you'll receive the error that  says "Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting." and "no valid storage adapters found."  This is an error caused by the Twine 2 platform, and it seems to be caused by blocking cookies in your browser settings or with a browser extension. I'm still testing to see if there's another workaround that does not involve enabling cookies.



Built in Twine 2

CyclingLinks Macro for SugarCube by Thomas M Edwards, based on the non-SugarCube version from Leon Arnott 

If you played this in an Android app, thanks to Michael Barltrop for his tutorial here.